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  • Rich colour
  • Accentuates wood grain
  • Excellent absorption by wood
  • Can be used only tinted
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Water-borne acrylate-based woodstain (bate). Intended for changing the colour of wooden surfaced; for indoor use. Does not completely cover the surface like paint but forms a transparent tinted coating with wood grain still visible underneath.

  • Excellent absorption by wood.
  • Accentuates wood grain by enhancing contrast.
  • Provides a vibrant rich colour.
  • Can only be used tinted in the Eskarocolor system.


 Maximum permissible EU VOC content for the product (subcat e): 130 g/L. Maximum VOC content in the product ˂130 g/L



For treating the wooden panelling of walls and ceilings, furniture parts and other indoor wooden surfaces. To increase the durability of the wood surface, it can be covered with wax or wood varnish (Kabinet, Mööblilakk ТМ Eskaro). Floors or staircases need to be further treated with wear-resistant varnish (Parketilakk, Marine Lakk ТМ Eskaro) after staining. Acrylate, alkyd or nitrate cellulose varnishes can be applied to surfaces tinted with the woodstain. Please make sure that the varnish is compatible with the surface treated with the woodstain before varnishing.

Types of surfaces

Wooden surfaces; for indoor use. Can be used for any wood species.

Quality standards

  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) – content in accordance with the European Union directive 2004/42/CE
  • Product and service quality is guaranteed by the quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety management system in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018
Machine tinting 39 shades!

Surface preparation before  treatment

The surface must be clean and dry. Wood moisture content must not exceed 20%.
Clean previously painted or varnished surfaces to bare wood. If the surface to be stained needs to display exceptional decorative properties (for example, parts of furniture), spray with water to raise wood fibers. After the surface dries, sand it lightly with fine sandpaper (no. 220 or no. 240), and remove the dust thoroughly.


Recommended work temperature between +10 °C and +28 °C and relative humidity not exceeding 80%. Application in the conditions of exposure to direct sunlight, draughts and high temperature can cause surface defects. If necessary, dilute the woodstain with water before application and stir it thoroughly. Make sure to keep stirring during application as well. Apply one coat with a sponge (pad), brush or spray gun. To ensure a uniform colour without differences between sections, we recommend applying the woodstain to the item without stopping along the full length of the item along the grain; when treating large panel surfaces, use the woodstain diluted with water (up to 1:1 ratio) to apply to several boards at a time avoid application of thick coats and take care to prevent streaking. After application, immediately wipe the surface almost dry with a cloth or sponge; do not wait for the surface to dry. Dilute the woodstain with water for a lighter colour. Apply the second coat after the first one has completely dried for a more intensive colour.
NB! Make a swatch on a separate board to check the colour! The final colour of the surface will depend on wood species, its hardness and initial tone as well as the number of coats. Before applying another coat of the woodstain or any further wood treatment product, sand the surface lightly with fine sand paper to remove any fibers which might have risen. The stained surface can be further varnished only after it has dried completely (at least 6 hours at +20 °С).

Care for the surface

Stained and varnished surfaces can be cleaned in accordance with the recommendations for the varnish used. Stained surfaces should be carefully wiped with a damp cloth or sponge in 3 weeks after woodstain application at the earliest. Do not use abrasive cleaning products, stiff brushes or sponges.


Sponge (pad), brush (flat paint brush with mixed or synthetic bristles, 2– 4’’), airless spray gun (nozzle size 0.013 – 0,.017’’).

Tool cleaning

Wash with soap and water after completing work.


Transparent, can be used only tinted!


Machine tinting according to the Eskarocolor system 


8-16 m²/L

Drying time

Dust-free drying time: 0.5 hour; at the temperature of +20 °C and the relative humidity
of 80%, the surface is ready for the application of another coat in up to 6

Safety precautions

The product is not classified as dangerous according to CLP Regulation (EC) nº 1272/2008. Contains 2,4,7,9-tetramethyldec-5-yne-4,7-diol, mixture of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-2H -isothiazol-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. When operating, follow working safety standards and requirements. As a preventative measure it is recommended to use basic Personal Protection Equipment.

Waste treatment

Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of the contents/containers in accordance with the current legislation on waste treatment. Waste treatment methods: code 08 01 12- Waste paint and varnish other than those mentioned in 08 01 11, waste class (Regulation (EU) No 1357/2014): non-dangerous.

Volume / weight

0,7 L – 2,7 L

Warranty period of storage

Frost resistance

Not frost-resistant


1,1 kg/L.

Storage conditions

Store in undamaged containers at the temperature between +5…+35 °C. Protect from
freezing and direct sunlight.
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