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Semi-gloss indoor paint for premises with constant humidity
  • Contains silver ions
  • Forms a water-repellent coating, resistant to water, condensate, steam
  • Extra durable, wash resistance class 1. (EN 13000)
  • EU Ecolabel

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Semi-gloss acrylate water-borne paint for wet indoor areas with high performance and hygienic requirements.
  • Excellent properties for indoor use: minimum content of hazardous substances and reduced content of volatile organic compounds (VOC):   maximum permissible EU VOC content for the product (subcat b) - 100 g/L, maximum VOC content in the product <40 g/L
  • EU Ecolabel number EE/044/001. EU Ecolabel confirms that this product has the most environmentally friendly properties, the minimum concentration of hazardous substances and the content of volatile organic compounds is reduced. More information:
  • Provides a high level of opacity due to the modern technology which allows the titanium dioxide pigment to be replaced (the production of titanium dioxide is associated with high levels of harmful environmental emissions)
  • Excellent wet adhesion to a variety of substrates, including surfaces painted with alkyd and oil paints
  • Contains silver ions which prevent undesirable microbial growth (bacteria, mould and yeast) on the surface of the coating
  • The exceptional mechanical strength of the coating is ensured by the use of a special natural aluminosilicate solid component
  • Easy applications without dripping or splatter; easy to level out
  • Excellent coverage
  • Forms an especially durable water-repellent (hydrophobic) coating resistant to condensation
  • After drying fully, the surface is resistant to repeated washing with professional detergents and disinfectants. The highest 5 points accordance with ISO 4211
  • Almost odourless
  • Dries fast
  • Can be tinted
  • Suitable for sensitive and allergic people

  • Semi-gloss (approximately 35) in accordance with EN 13300
  • group 3 in accordance with RYL 2012

Wash resistance:
  • class 1 in accordance with EN 13300
  • group 315 of painting regulations in accordance with RYL 2012
  • 5 points in accordance with ISO 4211, SFS 3756 


Painting walls and ceilings in rooms with high performance and hygienic requirements as well as humid and wet rooms where the condensation of moisture on surfaces is likely (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, swimming pools, entrance halls, corridors, production facilities, public catering facilities, hospitals, schools, garages, metro facilities, underground facilities, etc.). Not suitable for painting floors, doors and furniture.

Types of surfaces for painting

Surfaces previously painted with latex, alky or oil-base paints or new surfaces made of concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum board; brick; surfaces finished with putty or plastered and surfaces covered with glass fibre wallpaper or other rolled finishing materials. For interior use.

Quality standards

  • EN 13300 [Paints and varnishes. Water-borne coating materials and coating systems for interior walls and ceilings. Classification] – classification standards of coverage, gloss level and wet abrasion resistance parameters for water-borne coating materials for interior walls and ceilings.
  • ISO 4211 – techniques for the assessment of the resistance of the surface to detergent and disinfectant compositions on a 5-point scale where 5 points stand for the highest resistance. A professional disinfectant (killing spores, fungi, bacteria, viruses incl. HBV, HIV, Rotavirus) used in shops, food industry companies, rooms for medical procedures, operating rooms and other medical and childcare facilities was used for testing.
  • RYL – construction quality standard for finishing commonly followed in the EU area; describes coating materials, using generally accepted standards, for proper quality assurance in construction.
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) – content in accordance with the European Union directive 2004/42/CE.
  • Product and service quality is guaranteed by the quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety management system in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
  • “Eesti Allergialiit tunnustab” (“Estonian Allergy and Asthma Federation recognizes”) is assigned to products that are safe, reliable, do not contain fragrance or generally irritating or sensitising substances and that help to reduce indoor air pollutant levels and are suitable for people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergic diseases.
  • EU Ecolabel – The EU Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the European Union. Ecolabel is a voluntary label, assigned to products with a minimal environmental impact throughout their life cycle - from raw materials production, from use to disposal; testifies to the safety of products and attentive attitude of the manufacturer to the issues of environmental protection. Ecolabel allows products to be distinguished from other similar items that have a greater negative impact on the environment. An ecolabel is issued by an impartial institution to a product which corresponds to the ecological criteria of the ecolabel. More information:
Manual tinting
Assortment of pastes
Machine tinting

Surface preparation before painting

Previously unpainted surfaces: Clean the surface, removing dirt and dust. If necessary, apply a suitable putty from the FILLER line to the surface. Sand the filled surface to make it even and remove sanding dust. Prime filled, porous or unevenly porous surfaces with Aquastop or Tiefgrund moisture barrier (follow the product instructions for use). Prime the surfaces with water-borne priming paint Flat to even out the surface absorption capacity, increase the durability of the painted surface and decrease the consumption of the top coat paint.
Previously painted surfaces: the painted surface must be cleaned from loose and peeling material, grease, dust and other impurities. If mould removal is necessary, use Biotol E or Biotol Spray (follow the product instructions for use). To clean the surfaces that are very dirty or have soot, water, nicotine or grease stains use EasyClean. Then prime with the isolating paint Objekt. Before painting durable old alkyd surfaces, sand them until they are matt and remove sanding dust thoroughly. Use a putty from the FILLER line to fill cracks, holes and uneven areas. Sand the filled surface to make it even and remove sanding dust. Prime filled surfaces with Aquastop or Tiefgrund moisture barrier to reduce porosity.  Prime the surfaces with water-borne priming paint Flat to decrease the consumption of the top coat paint and improve coverage.


Stir the paint thoroughly before application. Mixing tinted paint in one container is recommended. Apply 2 coats with a roller or spray gun  at the temperature between +10 °C and +25 °C and relative air humidity below 80%. When using a spray gun or for the application of the first coat, dilute the paint with water in the amount of 5% until it reaches working viscosity. Apply undiluted paint for the finishing coat. Avoid application in drafty places and at high air temperature (over +25 °C). When painting, make sure to keep a wet edge. If you must work in unfavorable conditions (drafts, heating devices, high temperature, low humidity), we recommend adding the TIME+ drying time extender (up to 3% of the paint volume).

Care for the painted surface

The coating reaches its peak wash resistance in about 3…4 weeks; in the meantime, treat the surface with care until its hardness and wash resistance have reached their peak levels. If necessary, the surface can be lightly wiped with a soft sponge or cloth approximately 48 hours after paint application.
Professional detergents and disinfectants used in medical facilities (wards, corridors, rooms for medical procedures, operating rooms), childcare facilities and food industry companies can be used to wash the painted surface. Do not use organic solvents, abrasive detergents, stiff brushes or rough sponges. Excessive rubbing may make the surface glossy. Wipe the surface dry after wet cleaning. Use Biotol E and Biotol Spray to remove mould.


Roller, airless spray gun. For application with an airless spray gun, use the nozzle diameter 0.021-0.027''

Tool cleaning

Wash with soap and water after completing work.




Machine tinting according to the Eskarocolor system (base А).


Consumption on the absorbing surface of 7…8 m²/L, consumption of non-absorbent surface of 9…10 m²/L. For painting 1 m² s required approximately 140…160 ml of paint i, depending on the surface. Minimize waste of paint by calculating the pre-required amount using an online calculator

Drying time

At the temperature of +20 °C and the relative humidity of 80%, the surface is ready for the application of another coat in 1–1,5 hours. The surface is fully dry in 12 hours.
Store and transport in a tightly sealed container at the temperature between +5…30 °С. Protect from exposure to freezing and direct sunlight.

Volume / weight

0,9 L – 2,7 L – 9 L

Warranty period of storage

Frost resistance



1,3 kg/L
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