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Today individual solutions are demanded more and more often, including the selection of colour for the design of residential and work space. The perfect solution to this is a tinting system that can produce an almost unlimited number of colours, making sure there is something for everyone. The Eskarocolor tinting system is a tool suited for current trends in design that greatly simplifies the search for the colours and combinations that are perfect for you.

The Eskarocolor tinting system:

  • Gives you any colour you want, from a shop or by delivery, from our database of more than 30,000 colours.
  • Helps you achieve the perfect colour match for repeat orders.
  • Uses the Life Style system of prepared colour combinations.
  • Significantly reduces the number of products that need to be held in stock.
  • Integrates perfectly with the components of the Eskarocolor tinting system.
  • Lets you install equipment and train your personnel to work with our tinting system.
  • Offers qualified after-sales service.
  • Uses concentrated tinting with VOC-free pastes (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Eskarocolor system uses universal pastes. They do not contain binders and are used for tinting both water-based and alkyd products. The Eskarocolor system allows you to tint water-based and alkyd paints and enamels in the colour of your choice, and also the varnishes and structural plasters that are produced by Eskaro Group under the Eskaro, AURA and Condor brands. All these materials have been specifically designed to provide an accurate match in the colour you choose, a uniform distribution of pigment in the tinting, and long-term storage of the tinted material. The range of materials that can be tinted is so wide that the tints can be used in all areas of finishing – for facade work, exterior and interior work on wood or metal, or for finishing both dry and humid premises. You can use coloured varnishes and paints tinted with the Eskarocolor system everywhere.

To give colour to our varnishes and paints we use concentrated pigment pastes that are produced to orders from the Eskaro Group by leading European manufacturers of pigments and pigmented materials. Our pastes do not contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and comply with VOC-Directive 2004/42/CE. The pigments used in manufacturing are durable and have bright colours. Special pastes have been created for façade paints that are based on inorganic pigments to increase resistance to fading and unfavourable weather conditions.

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